Blog July 9, 2014

All of the lockets were done by me during last two years. Here are some examples which I would like to share with you)

This locket has a simple shape. I didn’t want it to be plain metal, so I made shiny mat surface and engraved the vertical line which in my opinion has some link to Skoroby bug.

tumblr_inline_na6tkuhY4F1svd232 tumblr_inline_na6tl0pbYC1svd232 tumblr_inline_na6tlbIiMl1svd232

I like to create jewellery which has some personal value. There is something sacral when people want to memorize their relatives or lovers in order to prolong their importance. Here is an image depicting a process of creation; that’s how a sketch turns into jewellery! Behind the back are searches of a shape and technical solutions…

tumblr_inline_na6tn7pTys1svd232 tumblr_inline_na6tnoYN4s1svd232 tumblr_inline_na6tokD8yI1svd232

This one has a shaped chain hold which I carved out of wax and then casted into silver. The chain has an addition of tourmaline stone and the lock has a small cubic zirconia stone as well.




This locket I did during my studying at Estonian Academy of Arts. The topic was Ritual. I choose the cliche form of a locket and turned it into a different shape adding a tube in which I also have set cubic zirconia stones and put the hair through as a symbol of memory. This piece was represented at ERKI fashion show in 2014 (see the picture from catwalk below)


tumblr_inline_na6tu0mkRH1svd232 tumblr_inline_na6tu7SYKa1svd232 tumblr_inline_na6tugiM681svd232 tumblr_inline_na6tul0I9t1svd232 tumblr_inline_na6tuqR5nk1svd232