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“…You step outside, and the city opens like a rare jungle flower. Place one trembling leg inside and let the pollen dust your thighs. In the city, you are suddenly a wild pony with hooves built for the night. So you start to run.”
*TANK magazine, 2014, Jane Flett


The today’s culture is fascinated by technical and digital. Its precise beauty however is connected with opposite: physical and instinctive. A race of the modern person through flows of information generates deficiency of rituals. We run almost with closed eyes speeding up the tempo.

One of archaic rituals – the identifying yourself with animals originated long before the appearance of civilizations, and the reason is always the same – not referring oneself to animals but drawing a difference from them by the way of decorating the body which ascribes to a person some certain force.

My work points not only to the quicken way of life but to a hidden human potential where jewellery  becomes a symbolical approach to celebrate being human.









forged iron, leather, silver

Photographer Dmitry Knut
Model Elina
MUAH Lidija Malinovskaja

Directed by Sander Allikmäe
Director of Photography Madis Reimun
Gaffer Tanel Peet
Art Director Getter Vahar
MUAH artist Pirge Markus

Further Projects