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ESTONISHING ! 13* from Estonia at ETDM

Blog February 20, 2017

ESTONISHING ! 13* from Estonia 17.11.2016–15.01.2017 Exhibition was opened 16 November 2016 at Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design __ Contemporary Estonian jewellery has become a hallmark of quality on the international stage and stands out with its emotional depth and melancholic contemplation from the ever-conforming jewellery of the mainstream. This is also the […]


TESTAMENT at Galerie Biró

Blog January 5, 2017

My everlasting gratitude for having such wonderful time in Munich with Olga Biro and her family. The time – Kadri Mälk’s exhibition’s setup and the vernissage, where I am also the lucky one to represent my works.     #EstArtJewellery The great three! Treasures from 2007. Found behind the scenes of the gallery. Tanel Veenre, Kadri […]



Blog December 15, 2016

From 6 to 29 October 2016 the EAA Gallery in Tallinn exhibited works by four young jewellery artists, Hanna-Maria Vanaküla, Sofia Hallik, Merlin Meremaa, Darja Popolitova. The show titled “Symptom” explores sypmtoms and pathologies born within the innermost corners of the artists’ psyche. photos by Liina Lelov GD Thnxallatte Special thanx to Keiu Krikmann, Tanel Veenre, Kadri […]


BEHIND THE SCENES | Atelier Aur | Tallinn

Blog April 22, 2016

      It started one year ago, and finally we would dare to name ourselves “Atelier Aur”. We define it as a working place that brings together soulmates who share the same vision about contemporary jewellery. Our atelier is located in retro-industrial building called ARS. This building is a former ceramics factory that is set to undergo […]



Blog June 24, 2014

In this photosession made by Jackie Wilde we see two male models who are like travelers without tickets and ready to risk.    Photography: Jackie Wilde Model 1: Aleksandr Janchuk Model 2: Aleksej Katjuk Stylist: Dmitry Knut MUA: Margarita Leonova Jewellery: Darja Popolitova Special thanks to Levvis Benuchi, Eleonora Shljanda May 2014