BEHIND THE SCENES “Androgyny: Jewellery Beyond Gender” MA project

Blog June 30, 2015

By documenting backstage events that happened in my life during while working on the topic of Androgyny helped me to move forward with this project. The documentation has a chronological order.


June 2013

I applied for MA of Jewellery and Blacksmithing department at EKA. It was an interview. I knew that in order to entrer you should have some important theme: I chose “Body”.

November 2013

In Philosophy lesson led by Eik Hermann I wrote an essay which resulted in dividing Body into four types in terms of Jewellery.
You can read it here (EST): “TEADMINE MÕISTATUSE KUJUL”

2 February 2014

This is a screenshot from e-mail conversation with the tutor of my project — Tanel Veenre. He says that there is possibilities to continue with theoretical part by focusing on a certain type of a Body or to continue “producing” more Body types.


12 February 2014

This is a screenshot of my answer to Tanel where I say that I am more interested in a aspect of archetypal/sexual body.


Down below is the answer from Tanel. he suggests to take the theme of Sexual body as a focus. Also to think about all its’ gradations (erotic, tenderness, gaytheme, subcultures, porno etc.). To go through a new book of Liesbeth den Besten “Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective”. Also he is questioning: Am I going to look at this theme wider (piercing, tattoo, scarification)?


19 May 2014 

It is the end of semester, and I finished my essay on a theme of “Jewellery through sexual body.” You can read it here (ENG):

20 June 2014

I fly to Vienna for three month to have an internship at “Florian jewelry” company.  Sometimes I go after work to Austrian National Library watching books for my thesis.

Österreichische  Nationalbibliothek



Full-bodied and detailed publication in a beautiful purple cover by Marcia Pointon. The book speaks about 18th century historical jewellery through the cultural paradigms, paintings and royal art. Very qualified reproductions and authoritate refernces.


Ted Polhemus book “Hot Bodies/Cool Styles”. Colourful publication about styles in a way of decoration of our bodies. The research is focused on subcultures and decoration as category of style.


 11 December 2014

I had a speech in front of collegiate today. It was a seminar among all II course MA students of Design department which aim is to show on which level we are now.

I got comments after my speech.  Mainly, It says that I have exceptional choice of words (in terms of my theoretical works structure) and it is worth to philosophize creative work in the same way.

17 December

Finally I have repaired the essay. It is called: “Gender and jewellery: Aesthetics of androgyny”. You can read it here (ENG)

25 December, 2014

Following screenshot is called “Autumn semester’s important theme”. It is done in order to analise how much energy I has invested in certain fields of my life. I chose 5 rating system. As you can see the theoretical approach in MA theme of Androgyny was important and has got 5 points.


26 December 2014

Following screenshot shows how I plan to work until final exhibition in June.


15 January 2015 

I started to sketch borrowing some forms from a smoke and a tree buttons.


21 January 2015

Today I am systematizing my drawings in Photoshop. Putting supposed scale of jewellery in order to imagine it in material.



29 January 2015

Today I ordered stabilized wood! Now I need to order more Obsidian stone so the main materials are already in hands!


30 January 2015

I am happy that Stig Paju (BA student from Blacksmithing art) responded to my request and tried to draw my sketches in 3d. Following pictures illustrate the process’ controlled through Skype.


We printed in PLA plastic (“Polylactic acid”) some of my 3D sketches which we did with Stig.

Actually it was accidental coincidence…The plastic is bio plastic (is derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch tapioca roots, chips or starch sugarcane)and its’ characteristics find so much in common with androgyny.


4 February 2015

I’ve got a contact of Ljudmilla from guys of Maker Lab. They said that she has experienced with organic shapes. It was to the point, because my collection include stream wave and flowery shapes. I have written her on FB with a request to help me in drawing them in 3d programme in order that to mill them out of a solid piece of stabilized wood.

We met at “Boheem Pizzeria” and Ljudmilla was super kind to offer me a help in drawing.


5 February

Today I have met with “Thanxalatte collective” which consists of three young women, graphical designers. We discussed the book which is the part of the exhibition in June. I explained my idea shortly and gave some reference points about text volume and quantity of pictures.
The girls are really full of great ideas. I am happy to cooperate with such enthusiastic people. I am sure that they will go far with their creative energy.


7 February 2015

I’ve got a package from (Finland)with stabilized wood! It looks gorgeous. Also moire obsidian arrived from (Germany) with culler. It is excellent service, they have even sent me a pen by post.


12 February 

Today I started to make shapes out of clay. I’m very pleased that Jana Zgun, ceramic artist and my old friend has found time and helped me with this process.

glina glina2


20 February

Ljudmilla is doing amazing work!! She is doing 3d drawing using the clay sculptures. Down below are the pictures of the process. The ornamented one looks as it is gonna be plastic surgery operation☺


24 25

3D scanning or or in other words, a translation of the physical form of real object into digital data.


Untitled-19.1Untitled-18  Untitled-20 Untitled-22

1 March


This is the process of 3d printing of PLA plastic (biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch tapioca roots, chips or starch). The process is called Fused deposition modeling (FDM) — an additive manufacturing technology commonly used for modeling, prototyping, and production applications.

2 March

Cutting rubber