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Darja Popolitova (1989) was born in Sillamäe and lives and works in Tallinn. She is currently doing a PhD at Estonian Academy of Arts. Darja’s practise includes: contemporary jewellery, video art, performance, and digital craft. Recently, Darja Popolitova has participated in exhibitions at the Museum Arnhem (2020), Art and Design Museum in New York (2019), the Kunstnerforbundet gallery in Oslo (2018), international exhibition of art jewellery Schmuck in Munich (2018). Darja is represented by the following galleries: Marzee in Nijmegen, Beyond in Antwerp, and Door in Mariaheide. Her works are included to the collection of Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Museum Arnhem and also to private collections. The work of Darja Popolitova was awarded the scholarships of the Ministry of Culture and Adamson-Eric in 2018. She also received the scholarship of Young Jewellery in 2015.

27.12.1989, Estonia

2017 –
Estonian Academy of Arts, Arts and Design, PhD, Prof Kadri Mälk, Dr Raivo Kelomees
2013 – 2015
Estonian Academy of Arts, Jewellery and Blacksmithing, Prof Kadri Mälk,
MA, cum laude
2012 – 2013
Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava,
Studio S+M+L+XL Metal and Jewellery, Prof Karol Weisslechner
2008 – 2012
Estonian Academy of Arts, Glass art and design, Prof Mare Saare

2014    Florian Ladstätter’s studio in Vienna, Austria

2018 oct – dec Guest lecturer at Estonian Academy of Arts, jewellery course
Digital Intimacy, BA
2017 oct – dec
Guest lecturer at Estonian Academy of Arts, jewellery course  Digital Intimacy, BA
2016 nov – dec
Guest lecturer at Estonian Academy of Arts, jewellery course Digital Intimacy, BA
2016 – 2017
Museum Educator at Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
2014 – 2016
Drawing Teacher, Istituto di Moda Burgo Eesti Moekool
2015 sept – dec
Guest lecturer at Estonian Academy of Arts, Oil Shale Jewellery Course, BA/MA
Designer at Florian Jewelry, Vienna. Assistant at Paris fashion week 2014
2012 – 2015
Jewellery designer at the company Monquer

2017    Eros loading, HOP Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2011    Touch, University of Tartu Narva College, Estonia

Balticana, Hessel Museum of Art, CCS Bard Galleries, Germany
Non-Stick Nostalgia: Y2K Retrofuturism in Contemporary Jewelry, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, Ameerika Ühendriigid
Everyone Says Hello, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway
Fogspeak: 13 Jewellery Artist From Estonia in Riga, Latvia
Door is Open, exposition of Door Gallery at international jewellery event Schmuck, Munich, Germany
Selected by Karin, Rene and Christian,  exposition of Beyond Gallery at international jewellery event Schmuck, Munich, Germany
Exposition of Young Jewellery scholarship holders at Amber Trip, Vilnius, Lithuania
X2 Selection Group, Beyond Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
METALLOphone biennial,
House of Signatories, Vilnius, Lithuania
Estonian Jewellery Through Centuries, Adamson-Ericu Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
Rocking Stones, Beyond Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
International art jewellery event Schmuck, Munich, Germany
Fogspeak, Platina allery, Stockholm, Sweden
Armour, Kiek in de Kök, Tallinn, Estonia
Offset group exhibition (co-curating and participation),
Galerie Résidences, Paris, link
Enjoia’t, Contemporary Jewelry Awards, Barcelona, Disseny HUB Barcelona
Peeter Laurits’ curatorial exhibition Dead Man’s Skis or How To Describe the Forest to Digital Rabbits, Vaal Gallery and Tartu Art House
Group exhibition Fogspeak, Platina Gallery, Stockholm link
Testament, duo exhibition with Kadri Mälk, Galerie Biró, Munich, Germany
Symptom, EAA Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
CATHEXIS, Melting Point 2016, Escuela superior de Arte y Diseño de Valencia, Spain
Estonishing ! 13* from Estonia, Galeria Thomas Cohn, São Paulo, Brazil
Kafedra, Narva Art Residency, Estonia
Estonishing ! 13* from Estonia, International art jewellery event Schmuck, representing Galeria Thomas Cohn, Munich, Germany
International art jewellery event Schmuck, representing Marzee Gallery,
Munich,  Germany
Talente 2016, International art jewellery contest, Munich, Germany

Winter Breath, Putti Gallery, Riga, Lithuania
Marzee Graduate Show 2015, Marzee Gallery, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Ferromenaalne, Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
Virvatuled, Estonian Museum Of Applied Art And Design, Tallinn, Estonia

interviews in newspapers
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interviews in magazines
Koemets, Mari-Liis (2016), Darja Popolitova: ehete taga on lugu,
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essays & small articles
Rotar, Olesja (2015), Украшения как неслучайное творчество,
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Popolitova, Darja (2015), Androgynous Jewelry,
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jewellery in books, catalogues & online
IG of Current Obsession Jewellery Magazine & Platform (@currentobsessionmag)
IG of Holinka Escudero (@jewelleryactivist) link, link, link, link, link
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ERR, 2017. Рабарбар. Наша Культура, 19 May, link
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May 2018 Speaker at Symposium Adornment and Gender: Engaging Conversation, Oslo
Nov 2017 Participation at Symposium Jewellery Matters – Context and Material Research, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam link
Feb 2017 Speaker at symposium Quality and a participant in a panel discussion with Annika Pettersson, Adam Grinovich and Sofia Hallik, moderated by professor Anders Ljungberg. Platina Gallery, Stockholm
March 2017 International art jewellery event Schmuck in Munich. Speaker at
Social Club #4 (series of conversations organised by Current Obsession). Other speakers: Nadja Buttendorf ja Holinka Escudero. link
Aug 2016    PechaKucha, speech Eros Loading, ARS House, Tallinn
Oct 2015    TEDx Conference, speech Androgyny: Jewellery Beyond Gender, Estonia, Narva
2016    Collaboration with Tallinn University of Technology
2016    Jury member at EAA Gallery exhibition committee
2015 – 2017    Group member of international jewellery exhibition ESTONISHING!
2016    Assistant of Prof Kadri Mälk during a Real Magic conference
May 2014    Talk about EKA Jewellery and Blacksmithing Department at St.Petersburg Art and Industry Academy, Russia
March 2014     Developing of an educational programme From the Coolest Corner: Nordic Jewellery, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn
2012 – 2013    Webstore Curator of international online jewellery store Jewelum

April – June 2018 Adornment and Gender: Engaging Conversation is a residency that was developed with artist, writer and curator Benjamin Lignel, in collaboration with Norwegian Crafts. The residency took place in Oslo as an intensive collective activity divided on two sessions: 23 April – 4 May and 1 May – 3 June. link , link

2018 Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture link
2018 Adamson-Eric Scholarship
2018 Adornment and Gender: Engaging Conversation residency (selectee)
2018 Gioielli in Fermento Award (selectee), Piacenza, Italy
2018 Honourable mention For Philosophy at Amber Trip Award
2017 International art jewellery event Schmuck, Munich; selected from 920 applicants, represented Estonia alongside with Julia Maria Künnap and Erinn Michelle Cox. link
2015 Young Estonian Jewellery Award

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
Jewellery and Blacksmithing department’s collection, Tallinn, Estonia
Collection of Sillamäe Museum, Estonia
Private collections