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DIGITAL INTIMACY jewellery course 2018

Blog October 4, 2019

A goal of the course was to network students with 3D service providing companies in an attempt to interpret the notion of intimacy by using digital technologies’ toolkit. Eric Pillmann: 3D scansEric explored the topic of gay identity: Why is it hard for gay people to find and hold love? He was looking for an answer to that question […]

DIGITAL INTIMACY jewellery course

Blog February 16, 2018

A goal of the course was to network students with 3D service providing companies in an attempt to interpret the notion of intimacy by using digital technologies’ toolkit. Where intimate and digital meet? Is such contact is possible? What are the laptop’s conceptual possibilities? These were the questions BA III students intended to answer through the practical […]

Estonian jewellery design exhibition OFFSET

Blog December 27, 2017

I co-curated the exhibition “Offset” that was organised in collaboration with NID and was dedicated to Estonian jewellery design as part of the Paris Design Week 2017. My part lay in selection and communication with artists participated. The vernissage happened on 10th of September at Galerie Résidences. NID participated in Paris Design Week for the third time. 2017  year’s theme was jewellery, […]

Symposium Jewellery Matters 2017

Blog December 27, 2017

Symposium Jewellery Matters concerned a context and material research and took place in Amsterdam at Rijksmuseum for two days. On the third day I assisted Prof Kadri Mälk at her private view at Louis Smit residency. PROGRAMME OF THE SYMPOSIUM: SOME STILLS FROM SYMPOSIUM AND THE VIEW: Lauren Kalman Last glance onto jewellery:) A ring for one… […]


Blog December 26, 2017

ENJOIA’T, Contemporary Jewelry Awards is an important meeting of professional and student jewelers from all over the world, which occurs during Barcelona Jewelry Week. I have travelled there as a semifinalist and showed three works at Disseny HUB Barcelona from 27.09 to 5.10.2017. Metanoia V brooch 2015 stabilized wood, silver, steel modelled & 3D scanned, CNC milled 11.5 […]

solo exhibition “EROS LOADING” at HOP Gallery

Blog September 20, 2017

Isiknäituse “EROS LOADING” / “EROOTILINE LAETUS” avamine toimus HOP galeriis 14. septembril, 2017 a. Elutute esemete hingestatus; digitaalne animism. Mis võiks olla arvuti ning nutitelefoni kasutamisel veel intiimsem kui tema pidev, lakkamatu ning lähedane kohalolu? Kohalolu, kus Platoni idee Erosest kui ideaalsest vormist on viidud täiuslikkuseni; ekraani operatsioonide näiline lihtsus, virtuaalsete vormide ja värvide laitmatus […]

ESTONISHING ! 13* from Estonia at ETDM

Blog February 20, 2017

ESTONISHING ! 13* from Estonia 17.11.2016–15.01.2017 Exhibition was opened 16 November 2016 at Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design __ Contemporary Estonian jewellery has become a hallmark of quality on the international stage and stands out with its emotional depth and melancholic contemplation from the ever-conforming jewellery of the mainstream. This is also the […]


Blog February 20, 2017

DIGITAL INTIMACY – the course I conducted for 3rd BA students of Jewellery and Blacksmithing Department at EAA. Final goal was to create an art object or a piece of jewellery, exploring how and where the intimate and digital meet and whether such confluence is possible. Agnes explores errors and the behaviour of a material […]

TESTAMENT at Galerie Biró

Blog January 5, 2017

My everlasting gratitude for having such wonderful time in Munich with Olga Biro and her family. The time – Kadri Mälk’s exhibition’s setup and the vernissage, where I am also the lucky one to represent my works.     #EstArtJewellery The great three! Treasures from 2007. Found behind the scenes of the gallery. Tanel Veenre, Kadri […]


Blog December 15, 2016

From 6 to 29 October 2016 the EAA Gallery in Tallinn exhibited works by four young jewellery artists, Hanna-Maria Vanaküla, Sofia Hallik, Merlin Meremaa, Darja Popolitova. The show titled “Symptom” explores sypmtoms and pathologies born within the innermost corners of the artists’ psyche. photos by Liina Lelov GD Thnxallatte Special thanx to Keiu Krikmann, Tanel Veenre, Kadri […]


Blog April 30, 2016

KAФEDRA – exhibition by the department of Jewellery and Blacksmithing at the Estonian Academy of Art 29 April, 2016, Narva Art Residency Sofia Hallik Merlin Meremaa Hanna-Maria Vanaküla Federica Cogliandro Miikael Danieljants, Jens Clausen Federica Cogliandro, Viktorija Domarkaite Krenholm  Jens Clausen, Miikael Danieljants, Rauno Paju, Darja Popolitova  A speech of Kadri Mälk Küllike Kullerkupp (from the left left) […]

Atelier Aur

Blog April 22, 2016

      It started one year ago, and finally we would dare to name ourselves “Atelier Aur”. We define it as a working place that brings together soulmates who share the same vision about contemporary jewellery. Our atelier is located in retro-industrial building called ARS. This building is a former ceramics factory that is set to undergo […]


Blog March 3, 2016

I would like to share my emotions from Schmuck 2016, where altogether 13 Estonian artists represented Galeria Thomas Cohn under the name ESTONISHING ! During the week of being in Munich, there are two things that I have found about our team. It means that no matter how strong is the creative energy of an artist, the sense […]


Blog December 18, 2015

I would kindly like to thank Jewellery and Blacksmithing department for the opportunity to conduct “Oil Shale course”. Also I would like to thank my students who experienced tough emotional three-month period: I saw them obstinate and passionate,  modest and expressive, sad and happy. And this is great, because we all have changed.  The story of this course is that […]


Blog December 18, 2015

The work above is by Merlin Meremaa Küsitleb Anneli Oppar. Scroll down for English. VUNDAMENT Sa oled noor ja edukas kunstnik ning proovid kätt juba ka õpetajana. Missugused on need iseloomuomadused, mis sind edasi viivad? Distsipliin, vaatamata igasugustele olukordadele. Sinu juhendatud kursus tegeleb põlevkiviga. Kuidas tulid idee peale teha põlevkivist ehted? Kuna ma olen pärit Sillamäelt […]


Blog November 30, 2015

I had a pleasure of being accompanying Professor Kadri Mälk in Munich for the conference Real Magic. Different lecturers and guest professors from various disciplines are invited to speak about current realities of magic and its rediscovery in the arts. Kadri also made a 4-day schedule for us to walk around Munich. We had a […]

Androgyny: Jewellery Beyond Gender / Photosession of the book

Blog July 7, 2015

Book “Andorgyny: jewellery beyond gender” is a MA thesis research, where I consider the concept of gender as disintegration of the wholeness, that generated male and female duality. The idea of merging natural and synthetic was also represented through the book design, where instead of classical binding rubber bands were used. collaboration with: Olga Makaronskaja, Sofia […]

BEHIND THE SCENES “Androgyny: Jewellery Beyond Gender” MA project

Blog June 30, 2015

By documenting backstage events that happened in my life during while working on the topic of Androgyny helped me to move forward with this project. The documentation has a chronological order.   June 2013 I applied for MA of Jewellery and Blacksmithing department at EKA. It was an interview. I knew that in order to […]


Blog July 7, 2014

Gallop is a series of blacksmithed, silver and leather jewellery on hands, neck and the head, which was selected and shown at Erki fashion show 2014. The idea is to apply a symbol of a horse to a person.   Special thanx to autosport photographer Vladmir Ljadov for the pictures and my favourite models: […]