DIGITAL INTIMACY jewellery course 2018

Blog October 4, 2019

A goal of the course was to network students with 3D service providing companies in an attempt to interpret the notion of intimacy by using digital technologies’ toolkit.

Eric Pillmann: 3D scans
Eric explored the topic of gay identity: Why is it hard for gay people to find and hold love? He was looking for an answer to that question in psychology, namely the defense mechanism. The work was addressed through emotions that he 3D scanned and then 3D printed in ABS plastic.

Eric Pillmann: Mask, 3D printed ABS plastic

Georg Arnold: Encrypted, laser engraved oil shale

By researching Internet trends, Georg applied his own diary to Emoji Converter that was laser-engraved on oil-shale: the one of the most ancient mineral matter in Estonia.

Liina Lemba: Personal Space
Liina referred to a topic of personal private zone. The brooch was added a button which could be pressed. How often does someone get close enough to turn on the brooch?

Liina Lemba: screenshot of 3D process. The file was CNC milled out of wood and then vacuum formed.

Liina Lelov created a chocker that puts in the “trap” — the metaphor to cyber stalking. The lock is 3D printed in alumide.