Blog November 30, 2015

I had a pleasure of being accompanying Professor Kadri Mälk in Munich for the conference Real Magic. Different lecturers and guest professors from various disciplines are invited to speak about current realities of magic and its rediscovery in the arts.

Kadri also made a 4-day schedule for us to walk around Munich. We had a peak in some art jewellery galleries, Academy of Fine Arts, and visited some exhibitions.

12333914_10205071650212405_1095419105_odas Hotel, Munich, Türkenstraße 35


Real Magic /24.11.2015 /Academy of Fine Arts Munich

The conference took place in historical auditorium in the old building of Academy of Fine Arts. There were about 120 people in the hall, old tapestries were highlighted by neon while creating quite intimate and unusual atmosphere.

After the presentations of Verena Kuni  (professor of visual culture at Goethe University of Frankfurt), Annika Lundgren (professor of fine, applied and performeing arts, Valamd Academy, Göteborg) and Kadri Mälk (jewellery artist and Professor of jewellery and blacksmithing, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn) there was a free form discussion moderated by research officer for design and architecture theory Karianne Fogelberg 

12325438_10205071703773744_2067153726_nKarianne Fogelberg, Kadri Mälk, Annika Lundgren, Verena Kuni

From 27 October – 2 June, 2016 several lections invite you to explore the Magic in arts, the sciences and in everyday culture.

The Jewellery Department/Academy of Fine Arts Munich/25.11.2015

Jewellery department counts about 26 students and is led by Professor Karen Pontoppidan. She is an open-minded and bright woman who has taken over the department after Professor Otto Künzli. Karen states that conceptual studies (not just making of jewellery) is out of the most interest of her current educational method.

On educational basis Karen has arranged a tutorials for Kadri Mälk to her students.

Some students works:

12312315_10205071816336558_605801723_nSarah Powell / brooch / material slate

Photo 25-11-2015, 16 54 50Merlin Klein / pendant / composite material


Galerie Spektrum/26.11.2015/Theresienstr. 46 corner Türkenstr.

Galerie Spektrum was next on the list. It was founded in 1981 and is actually located on the corner of Theresienstrasse / Türkenstrasse. With a focus only on art jewelry, over the years it has displayed an impressive amount of high-quality work. Owners Jürgen Eickhoff and Marianne Schliwinsky opened the doors for us before the private view. Here, at the exhibition “Stones”, we were able to view Georg Dobler’s and Jürgen Eichoff’s latest work. We also had Georg personally meet at the vernissage and talk to him about his work.


There was a pleasant meeting just after the opening. Barbara Schmidt, the directress of Design Academy München, has accompanied us until the next destination point. Barbara is intelligent and curious woman, so it was not boring to talk with her and I wish our walk would last longer.

Barbara Schmidt

Maurer Zilioli – Contemporary Arts/26.11.2015/Luisenstrasse 45

We were also invited to the exhibition “Celebration” of fine artist Annette Lucks.
Maurer Zilioli’s salotto (“little salon”) works as a gallery. It offers space for sharing ideas, meeting artists and experiencing artworks on a personal level. The main subjects explored include contemporary photography, paintings, collage, jewellery and transcendent movements in realms traditionally referred to as the “applied” arts.

Meanwhile, Ellen Maurer Zilioli, the owner of the gallery, herself has maintained strong connections to Italy and expand her arenas of international European scene.



Galerie Biró/26.11.2015/Zieblandstrasse 19

I had a great possibility to get to know Olga Zobel-Biró who is passionate and lightful galerist.
Together with her daughter Kinga Zobel they orginise spectacular vernissages with outstanding audience, speeches, music and great food.

12309048_10205071900898672_2129589753_nOlga Zobel-Biró

12305891_10205071901098677_1515468708_nKadri Mälk, Olga Zobel-Biró (in the middle)

12305805_10205071900858671_2053281734_n 12319547_10205071901058676_454139289_nKinga Zobel


Galerie Jordanow/26.11.2015/Zieblandstrasse 19

There is a neighbor of Galerie Biró – Galerie Jordanow that allured us with its’ magical photographs of Robert van der Hilst. “Interiors” are the series of photographs made in Cuba, Miami and China.  Impressed by paintings of Vermeer, Robert van der Hilst creates his own pictorial theme of still life photography.

Robert van der Hilst (1)
Robert van der Hilst “Chinese Interior Nr 106”


Edle Steine/27.11.2015/Heiliggeistrasse 3

The place You won’t leave without having a stone. I bought a weird one called Tsesit and a smoky quartz in a shape that is similar to emerald cut, but voluminous from both sides (the pavilion looked in an unbelievably cut).

Photo 28-11-2015, 13 10 20


Galerie Isabella Hund/27.11.2015/Frauenplatz 13

As a jewellery designer and gallery owner Isabella Hund keeps an eye on high-quality  jewellery in gold. In her gallery prevails minimalism and transparency as if Mies van der Rohe’s architecture …



Jewelry in the Pinakothek der Moderne/24.11.2015/Barer Str. 40

Danner Rotunda is a big exhibition by more than one hundred jewelry artists from around the world and is presented in a museum Pinakothek der Moderne alongside art, architecture and design. Since the year 2004 the exposition has revamped two times (By Karl Fritch and then by Professor Otto Künzli).

It is formed thanks to the commitment of the Danner Foundation with its extensive collection and private donors, as well as gifts from individual jewelry makers.

Photo 24-11-2015, 15 58 37

Photo 24-11-2015, 15 21 57Therese Hilbert / 1995

Photo 24-11-2015, 15 22 06 (1)Ruudt Peters / 1993

Photo 24-11-2015, 15 25 27 Lucy Sarneel / 1999

Photo 24-11-2015, 15 30 07Warwick Freeman / 1992

Photo 24-11-2015, 15 35 11Andi Gut / 2002

Photo 24-11-2015, 15 48 05 Coco Dunmire / 2008

Photo 24-11-2015, 15 58 31 Kazuhiro Itoh / 1996