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DIGITAL INTIMACY jewellery course

Blog February 16, 2018

A goal of the course was to network students with 3D service providing companies in an attempt to interpret the notion of intimacy by using digital technologies’ toolkit. Where intimate and digital meet? Is such contact is possible? What are the laptop’s conceptual possibilities? These were the questions BA III students intended to answer through the practical […]


Blog February 20, 2017

DIGITAL INTIMACY – the course I conducted for 3rd BA students of Jewellery and Blacksmithing Department at EAA. Final goal was to create an art object or a piece of jewellery, exploring how and where the intimate and digital meet and whether such confluence is possible. Agnes explores errors and the behaviour of a material […]


Blog December 18, 2015

The work above is by Merlin Meremaa Küsitleb Anneli Oppar. Scroll down for English. VUNDAMENT Sa oled noor ja edukas kunstnik ning proovid kätt juba ka õpetajana. Missugused on need iseloomuomadused, mis sind edasi viivad? Distsipliin, vaatamata igasugustele olukordadele. Sinu juhendatud kursus tegeleb põlevkiviga. Kuidas tulid idee peale teha põlevkivist ehted? Kuna ma olen pärit Sillamäelt […]