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Symposium Jewellery Matters 2017

Blog December 27, 2017

Symposium Jewellery Matters concerned a context and material research and took place in Amsterdam at Rijksmuseum for two days. On the third day I assisted Prof Kadri Mälk at her private view at Louis Smit residency. PROGRAMME OF THE SYMPOSIUM: SOME STILLS FROM SYMPOSIUM AND THE VIEW: Lauren Kalman Last glance onto jewellery:) A ring for one… […]

ESTONISHING ! 13* from Estonia at ETDM

Blog February 20, 2017

ESTONISHING ! 13* from Estonia 17.11.2016–15.01.2017 Exhibition was opened 16 November 2016 at Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design __ Contemporary Estonian jewellery has become a hallmark of quality on the international stage and stands out with its emotional depth and melancholic contemplation from the ever-conforming jewellery of the mainstream. This is also the […]

TESTAMENT at Galerie Biró

Blog January 5, 2017

My everlasting gratitude for having such wonderful time in Munich with Olga Biro and her family. The time – Kadri Mälk’s exhibition’s setup and the vernissage, where I am also the lucky one to represent my works.     #EstArtJewellery The great three! Treasures from 2007. Found behind the scenes of the gallery. Tanel Veenre, Kadri […]


Blog March 3, 2016

I would like to share my emotions from Schmuck 2016, where altogether 13 Estonian artists represented Galeria Thomas Cohn under the name ESTONISHING ! During the week of being in Munich, there are two things that I have found about our team. It means that no matter how strong is the creative energy of an artist, the sense […]